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Traditional Southern Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan & Wing Chun

Lai Tung Pai, Tai Chi Chuan & Wing Chun - Mint Hill, NC

Thank you for visiting the Thundering Wave Martial Arts (formerly Mint Hill Kung Fu School). We teach traditional Chinese martial arts including Lai Tung Pai as well as Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan. We hope this site provides some insight into the programs we offer.

Thundering Wave Martial Arts has members with the World Kuoshu Federation and the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Lion and Dragon Dancing Association.  The Hong Kong Association has famous members such as Wong Fei Hong and Yip Man. 

We have many qualified instructors that teach many different ways.  We believe in personalized instruction and if you are not getting a particular move or form, another instructor will help with the instruction.  We teach kung fu because of the enrichment of the art, not for profits.  We also make frequent trips to study in different areas of the world and visit our Grandmaster in Hong Kong.

Thundering Wave Martial Arts is a founding member of Carolina’s Association of Chinese Martial Arts (CACMA©). This nonprofit organization is devoted to bringing all types of Chinese Kung Fu together for friendship and competition. CACMA holds a tournament every spring for all Chinese martial art students to compete on a high level.  In addition, Thundering Wave Martial Arts goes to several regional and one international tournament every year.

We enjoy corresponding with other schools. Our doors are open if anyone is visiting the Charlotte area. Thundering Wave Martial Arts also has teachers at the Chinese Academy at Charlotte and at the Kung Fu Club at UNC Charlotte.  We also have a sister school in Kings Mountain and in Troy, Ohio.

If you have any questions about Lai Tung Pai, Wing Chun or Tai Chi Chuan at our Mint Hill location, please contact the instructors below. Click the nav buttons above for information about our other branches.

For more information:
Lai Tung Pai: Sifu Chris Facente: (704) 488-0849,
Tai Chi: Gabriele Facente:
Wing Chun: Sifu Chris Facente: (704) 488-0849,

photograph of grandmaster Li throwing a straight right punch

Lai Tung Pai

Lai Tung Pai is an art concentrating on internal power, the one and three inch punch, and long, medium and short range techniques.

photograph of sifu gideon in a horse stance with arms pushing out

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a mild form of exercise promoting fitness and stamina with a feeling of mental and physical contentment.

photograph of sifu li throwing a right cross punch

Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art that focuses on practical efficient movements, emphasizing hand techniques and low kicks.

photograph of a lion dance performance in China

Lion Dance Services

At Thundering Wave Martial Arts we provide Lion Dances for the Chinese community, as well as special events and public associations.

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