Thank you for visiting the Kong Hoi Kung Fu Association© (formerly Mint Hill Kung Fu School). We teach Lai Tung Pai as well as Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan. We hope this site provides some insight into the programs we offer.

Kong Hoi Kung Fu Association¬© is part of Carolina’s Association of Chinese Martial Arts (CACMA¬©). This nonprofit organization is devoted to bringing all types of Chinese Kung Fu together for friendship and competition.

We enjoy corresponding with other schools. Our doors are open if anyone is visiting the Charlotte area.

If you have any questions about Lai Tung Pai, Wing Chun or Tai Chi Chuan at the Mint Hill location, please contact the instructors below. Click the nav buttons to the left for information about our other branches.

For more information:
Lai Tung Pai: Sifu Chris Facente: (704) 545-SIFU,
Tai Chi: Glenn Barnes: (704) 537-6458
Wing Chun: Sifu Chris Facente: (704) 545-SIFU,

    • We are now located at 7714 Matthews Mint Hill Rd. in Mint Hill. Click here for a map to this location.