Lai Tung Pai - Lion Dancing

photo of the front face of a silver lai tung pai kung fu lion dancing costumeThundering Wave Martial Arts is proud to teach the art of Lion Dancing in addition to Kung Fu to its students. Lion Dancing is part of the traditions of Kung Fu and also provides culture to our students.

There are many different stories to how Lion Dancing began. The most popular was a mysterious beast was eating the crops of a local town. The beast was not seen before in the area, but travelers said it looked like what the western world had called a Lion. Most town Doctors were also the local martial arts teachers, and were called on for help in matters such as these. He got his students to build a scary costume and to scare the Lion away. Only his top students were allowed to wear the Lion outfit, as if they had to fight the beast, they could handle themselves. The plan worked and the Lion Dance evolved into a celebration for many different events.

At Thundering Wave Martial Arts we provide Lion Dances for the Chinese community, as well as special events and public associations, such as high schools and the YMCA. We feel it is a way for us to give back to the community.

If you would like a Lion Dance for your event, or would like more information please e-mail us at

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