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Lai Tung Pai (Poon Kuen – Encircle Fist Style, also spelled Lai Tong Pai) Kung Fu is an art dating back to the beginning of the Ching Dynasty in China. It later moved south from the Sil Lum (Shaolin) Temple in Hunan to the Kwantong Province where it acquired the name of Lai Tung Pai; Lai Tong, which we think means “dig a hole or in a hole”, and Pai, which means “family.” The style was named after the village that did so much for the Sil Lum monk of Poon Kuen. He honored the town by changing the name from Poon Kuen to Lai Tung Pai. Centuries later, the style was taught to Kong Ki and later by Kong Hoi in Hong Kong where it became available to the public. This art eventually passed on to us by our Grandmaster Kong Hoi of the Kong Hoi Kung Fu Association – Hong Kong through Sifu Li Chi Keung. For more on Lai Tung Pai history, please refer to the history page.

Lai Tung Pai is an art concentrating on internal power, the one and three inch punch, and long, medium and short range techniques. Lai Tung Pai has sometimes been compared to Wing Chun when seen demonstrated by the untrained eye, but is a much older and bigger style. It possibly has a connection with the earliest days of Ng Mui and Wing Chun but we can not verify that through historical documents.

Lai Tung Pai uses Long Fist as well as Short Fist techniques. What makes it unique is the fact that it not only uses long fist/long stances and short fist/short stances, but it also uses long fist with short stances and short fist with long stances. Luk Sao (Sticky Hands) is also included in the style. Below is a brief overview:

  • Lai Tung Pai uses various forms to teach students to blend from short to long fist applications or vice versa.
  • Unique to Lai Tung Pai is the fact that it uses long fist techniques with short stances and short fist technique with long stances as well as the traditional fist-stance combinations. There are 12 empty hand forms being taught in the US.
  • Lai Tung Pai holds true to its Sil Lum (Shaolin) traditions by teaching the original weapons of Kung Fu. There are roughly 10 weapon forms taught in the US; the two sectional spear being its most unique and prestigious. The Mook Jong (wooden man) is also taught. There are eight different Mook Jongs in this style.
  • Lai Tung Pai also includes the teaching of Chinese Medicine and Chi Building exercises.
  • Lai Tung Pai includes lion dancing as part of its system. This is integrated in the training by using the Lion to mimic the footwork of the style. Lai Tung Pai uses many different training aids handed down from the Sil Lum Temple. These include Mook Jong training, 18 Lo Han Sow and other ancient kung training exercises to develop strength and stamina in the student.

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