Mission Statement

“To promote and share the Chinese Martial Arts and martial culture with interested martial arts practitioners and the public through CACMA© group activities in the Carolinas region and beyond.”


CACMA was the brain child of Anthony Stephenson, Chris Facente, Eric Sbarge and Rick Panico. After meeting at Mint Hill Kung Fu School in Charlotte, NC, the four expressed there desire to unite the Kung Fu community in the Carolinas. These founding fathers of CACMA decided to create an organization that would cater to the traditional Chinese Martial Arts practitioners and provide a haven of friendship and knowledge exchange of all that were interested in Chinese Martial Arts.

“No style or government politics allowed!” should be one of CACMA’s bylaws.

So many times politics of governments and of Kung Fu organizations themselves lead to straying from the very reason most of these organizations were formed. That reason being to promote the Chinese Martial Arts and bring together its practitioners. CACMA wants to welcome and invite each and everyone of you to its association. There is a small yearly due to be paid as a school or individual member of CACMA. For more information on CACMA, you may contact us at cacma@bellsouth.net or sifuanthony@bellsouth.net

CACMA Officials

President Anthony Stephenson
Vice President Steve Clark
Vice President Doug Moffett
Secretary Alex Hanning
Treasurer Chris Facente

Board of Directors as of 2017

Sifu Anthony Stephenson, Sifu Chris Facente, Sifu Eric Sbarge, Sifu Steve Clark, Sifu Doug Moffett, Sifu Alex Hanning, Sifu Delmar Minor and Sifu Mark Small.

CACMA Co-Founders

Sifu Anthony Stephenson, Sifu Chris Facente, Sifu Rick Panico and Sifu Eric Sbarge.

Founding Member Schools

  • Mint Hill Kung Fu School – Charlotte, NC
  • The Peaceful Dragon – Charlotte, NC
  • Lung Chuan Fa School – Winston-Salem, NC
  • Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy – Mooresville, NC

The CACMA Name and Abbreviation, CACMA logo and all graphics and The CACMA Scroll are Copyrights of the Carolinas Association of Chinese Martial Arts. Any unauthorized copying, duplication, Internet duplication or promotion of the CACMA Name, Abbreviation, Logo or any CACMA sponsored, promoted or sanctioned events is strictly prohibited and subject to all penalties under the law.