CACMA Lei Tai Registration Requirements

Registration for the 2024 Queen’s Cup tournament is due by March 9, 2024.  All competitors must contact Sifu Chris Facente to make fight arrangements before the tournament begins.

NOTE: All Lei Tai competitors MUST comply with the following requirements in order to compete on March 16th, 2024 at the CACMA Queen’s Cup Tournament

    1. Fill out the tournament competitor registration information (Competitor Pre-Registration).
    2. Fill out the Lei Tai Waiver form Lei Tai Waiver
      1. Bring the completed form with you to registration
    3. Comply with all medical requirements outlined below:
      1. Fill out the Lei Tai Medical Form Lei Tai Medical Form
        1. Note: Document must be completed on or after March 9, 2024.
    4. Submit ALL appropriate information via email to by March 9, 2024.
    5. Bring all Waiver and Medical forms with you to the tournament event on March 16, 2024.

CACMA Lei Tai (Full-Contact Fighting) Rules

  1. Contestants will fight on a 20 square foot – 24 square foot, and raised platform (if available at venue).
  2. Competitors must use headgear, gloves, mouthpiece, and groin cup. Female competitors must also wear a chest protector. Gloves and Headgear will be approved by tournament director before the fight.
  3. Rounds will be 1 1/2 minutes each. The victor must win two out of three rounds.
  4. Scoring:
    • Contestant executes clear punch or kick – 1 point.
    • Contestant executes clear punch or kick that knocks opponent down – 2 points.
    • Without falling, contestant successfully throws opponent to the ground – 2 points.
    • Both falling during throw, contestant who lands on top – 1 point
    • Contestant forces or throws opponent off Lei Tai – 3 points.
    • Through own error, contestant loses balance – 1 point deduction
    • Contestant executes clear elbow/knee technique without holding – 1 point
  5. Penalties:
    • Contact to the eyes, throat, back of the head, or groin is illegal. For female
    • Competitors, contact to the chest is also illegal.
    • Techniques using the head are illegal.
  6. Fouls:
    • First violation: 1 point deduction
    • Second violation: 3 point deduction
    • Third violation: disqualification
  7. Technical Fouls:
    • First violation: warning
    • Second violation: 1 point deduction
    • Third violation: disqualification
    • Any serious foul will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  8. Center Referee:

The Center Referee is to keep safety at a maximum within the allowed rules. All North Carolina CACMA fights are for demonstration purposes only. Fights can be called for the following reasons:

    • Fight is an obvious mismatch
    • Fighter gets back up but referee feels he cannot continue safely
    • Excessive bleeding jeopardizing vision
    • Unsportsmanlike like conduct, (example: Fighter A throws Fighter B on the ground then Fighter A knees his opponent while getting back up.)