CACMA San Shou Fighting Rules

NOTE: All Lei Tai competitors MUST contact Sifu Chris Facente BEFORE the tournament to ensure all fight arrangements can be made.  

  1. Contestants will fight on a 20 square foot – 24 square foot, and raised platform (if available at venue).
  2. Competitors must use headgear, gloves, mouthpiece, and groin cup. Female competitors must also wear a chest protector. Gloves and Headgear will be approved by tournament director before the fight.
  3. Rounds will be 1 1/2 minutes each. The victor must win two out of three rounds.
  4. Scoring:
    • Contestant executes clear punch or kick – 1 point.
    • Contestant executes clear punch or kick that knocks opponent down – 2 points.
    • Without falling, contestant successfully throws opponent to the ground – 2 points.
    • Both falling during throw, contestant who lands on top – 1 point
    • Contestant forces or throws opponent off Lei Tai – 3 points.
    • Through own error, contestant loses balance – 1 point deduction
    • Contestant executes clear elbow/knee technique without holding – 1 point
  5. Penalties:
    • Contact to the eyes, throat, back of the head, or groin is illegal. For female
    • Competitors, contact to the chest is also illegal.
    • Techniques using the head are illegal.
  6. Fouls:
    • First violation: 1 point deduction
    • Second violation: 3 point deduction
    • Third violation: disqualification
  7. Technical Fouls:
    • First violation: warning
    • Second violation: 1 point deduction
    • Third violation: disqualification
    • Any serious foul will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  8. Center Referee:

The Center Referee is to keep safety at a maximum within the allowed rules. All North Carolina CACMA fights are for demonstration purposes only. Fights can be called for the following reasons:

    • Fight is an obvious mismatch
    • Fighter gets back up but referee feels he cannot continue safely
    • Excessive bleeding jeopardizing vision
    • Unsportsmanlike like conduct, (example: Fighter A throws Fighter B on the ground then Fighter A knees his opponent while getting back up.)